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O modelo THOR

O Instituto de Pesquisa Ambiental da Dinamarca (NERI), desenvolveu um modelo (THOR) integrado medidor da poluição do ar com uma previsão muito fiável de 3 dias. Combinando dados meteorológicos e de poluição locais e regionais, este modelo indica a qualidade do ar através de dispositivos colocados nas ruas. O design destes dispositivos via Open Source, têm múltiplos e variados aspectos.

Um projecto a seguir atentamente.

“The Environmental Control Agency
In Copenhagen it is the Environmental Control Agency that distributes these data to the citizens on this page. There are five categories of pollution: Warning, high, above average, average and below average. The same system is used in the indicator.

One of the air measuring stations is on the street with the heaviest traffic in Copenhagen: H.C. Andersens Boulevard with 70.000 vehicles daily passing by the city hall. When comparing these measurements with the prognosis of THOR the model proves itself. The THOR model has the advantage that it can calculate pollution levels locally on more streets in the city.

Harmful substances in the air
Carbon dioxide CO2, contributes to global warming.
Carbon monooxide CO, from gasoline cars substitutes oxygen in the blood.
Nitrogen oxides NOx, Can pose health problems especially to people with asthma or bronchitis.
Ozone O3: Caused by pollution from traffic and industry. Can cause trouble in breathing.
Particles: Especially from diesel cars and by air borne circulation of dust and pollen, causes problems especially for people with respiratory or heart conditions.”

Link Public Air Quality Indicator


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