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H2PIA - A cidade movida a hidrogénio

Um grupo de empresas e instituições dinamarquesas lançaram-se num visionário projecto chamado H2PIA, a primeira cidade integralmente baseada na nova economia do hidrogénio algures na Dinamarca, em 2007.

Não é um choque tecnológico, é um choque civilizacional ! O Mundo Novo está aí.

“H2PIA is a vision for a complete city, where citizens will produce the energy they need for themselves. H2PIA will show how we can develop from a society that produces energy by burning oil, coal and gas, to a hydrogen-based, independent, and pollution-free community.

H2PIA is based upon three values:

Because the citizens of H2PIA are independent of oil. They produce and store their own fuel in the form of hydrogen, that can deliver energy to both their homes and their cars.

Clean energy
Because hydrogen is produced from renewable energy sources: sun and wind. And the only exhaust product left over when it is used is pure water.

Creativity and innovation
Because the creation of H2PIA demands a close cooperation between the private and the public sector – between businesses, universities and policy makers. Experimentation, knowledge, experience, and results must be turned into real-life products to create a well-functioning and sustainable community where the noisy and
polluting combustion engine is replace by the clean and silent hydrogen fuel cell.

H2PIA – a complete urban community
H2PIA is a complete urban community with residential houses, businesses, shops, cars, and roads. The inhabitants are ordinary citizens who can enjoy life in a clean, future-proof and sustainable society. But beneath the surface, much will be different from today, because of H2PIA's hydrogen technology. The best of the Danish architectural tradition will be employed to make use of the new requirements and possibilities that this technology presents, and the infrastructure will be constructed in a new and different manner."

link: H2PIA


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