Iconarmadilhemos a verdade para que ninguém lhe toque.


A EPRIDA desenvolve uma tecnologia revolucionária que permite remover o CO2 da atmosfera colocando-o onde falta, no solo. O processo produz bio-combustíveis ricos em hidrogénio e fertilizantes ricos em carbono:

There are four fundamental chemistry challenges now facing humanity:

  1. Too much carbon in the air, causing global warming and climate change
  2. Too little carbon in the soil, causing depletion of topsoil and loss of fertility
  3. Too much nitrogen in the water, causing acidification of the oceans
  4. Too little oil and gas hydrocarbon reserves underground, causing peak oil

The Eprida process technology offers an elegant, highly profitable and truly sustainable closed loop solution to all of these challenges, and several more, including acid rain. The ECOSS technology Eprida plans to deploy over the next two years will:

  • Transform woody biomass into a combination of
    • A restorative high-carbon fertilizer
    • And high-energy green diesel fuel
  • Be carbon negative, i.e. store more long-term carbon in the soil than is released
  • Do this profitably at small scale
  • Be profitable before the value of carbon credits are included
  • Return all of the minerals from biomass crops to the soil
  • Improve soil fertility and restore depleted land
  • Eliminate the need for ammonium nitrate fertilizer from expensive natural gas
  • Provide energy independence
  • Potentially provide additional carbon credit income



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