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Um display em betão

Betão com fibra óptica embebida, funciona como um painel de pixéis capaz de transmitir luz. Um projecto desenvolvido na Dinamarca.

As paredes das nossas casas não serão mais as mesmas…

The screen consists of concrete with embedded optical fibers, arranged as pixels, capable of transmitting natural as well as artificial light. The light-admission points are on the back of the screen where the fibers are positioned. The light, or the picture, is displayed in pixels on the front. The light source can be a projector emitting pictures or film footage, or a window emitting natural daylight.
While it is possibly the heaviest projection screen known, the potential applications are interesting, such as solid walls displaying images or real-time video, integrated lighting, interactive sports backboards, or illuminated flooring.

via: Transmaterial


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