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Loon o barco eléctrico

Um projecto desenvolvido há alguns anos pelo americano Monte Gisborne farto dos poluentes e barulhentos motores de explosão, fez uma viagem de 15 dias no Loon equipado com 738W de paineis solares e um grupo de baterias a 48Volts atingindo uma autonomia de 30 milhas nauticas. Excelente para uns belos passeios ao fim-de-semana. Palavras do autor:

The primary consideration here is that internal combustion automobiles and boats, even in this advanced age of computers and emission controls, are horrendously inefficient. We just cannot seem to turn the energy available in a litre of gasoline as efficiently into mechanical energy as we can into heat.

Negating the obvious benefit of solar, and assuming that my boats will get 100 per cent of their energy from the grid, my system efficiency is at least eight times more efficient than the equivalent gas-powered boat, meaning that I can travel at least eight times as far on a unit of energy than the most efficient gas-powered boat.

The actual truth is that a 1969 Chris Craft boat with twin 454-cubic-inch engines (not uncommon on the waterways) is so horrendously inefficient that my boat costs only 1/150 of the fuel costs to run per km.

Generally, the solar panels provide you with about 16 km of free travel on a sunny day. For most customers, 16 km is ample and, even if you travelled 32 km one day, as long as you don't use it the next day, you're fine and the batteries will catch up.

Generally, these are weekend toys that soak up the sun all week long, gathering a charge for the weekend.

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