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O Panton Relaxer

Panton Relaxer is designed by the famous Danish designer Verner Panton who has enjoyed a renaissance in the past few years.
An advocate for free and outspoken "spage-age" living throughout the 1960s and 70s.
Many of Verner Pantons objects are today destined to reach the status of "design icons of the 20th century".

In one sweeping curve, Panton has accentuated the art of seating, which is ergonomically fit to anybody size and posture.

The Panton Relaxer is perfect as a poolside relaxation furniture and bar lounging, to the kids favourite computer gaming chair, the Relaxer chair is already re-claiming its former state as one of the most interesting icons of Verner Pantons design universe.

The base on the Panton Relaxer is oiled natural Oak Wood.
Covers are easily attached to the frame with Velcro straps.
Cover is made of 100% wool and is available in three different colours, black, red and off white. [via]


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