Iconarmadilhemos a verdade para que ninguém lhe toque.

cabana dos checos e-MRAK

projecto de Martin Rajniš, Kamila Amblerová e de Václav Horecký. Fantástico.

texto dos autores:

The basic construction principle is the “dry” assembled, undried, unplaned, and uncut wood. The wood arrangement creates internal spaces inside the construction, which can be used. The internal spaces are closed by the lower and upper grate. The joints are secured only by the construction weight; then, they are freely sliding. The whole structure may be deformed in a scope and way which are quite unthinkable in other objects. The system allows to reach, to change, or to adapt any part. From the interior side, the internal areas are covered by a free building set of glassed frames suspended from the upper horizontal structure. On the northern side, these frames are filled with fibre boards, with double-glass boards on the other sides. The internal partition walls are either fixed, or sliding, made also of fibre boards suspended from the upper horizontal structure. One of the main endeavours was to grasp the object very sensibly with regard to the environment and natural neighbourhood. The construction has no foundations; it doesn’t penetrate the landscape, it only touches it. To summarize, it is about the minimum work, minimum adaptations, minimum time, minimum energy, no waste, minimum nature infringement, minimum traffic, minimum assembling, minimum costs.



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