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Arquitectura Holistica

All buildings begin to change the day they are completed. The sources for change are many and relentless. They include altered needs of the inhabitants, human wear, maintenance, regulatory change, taste and weather. Management of change through thoughtful intervention is a significant area of firm interest and expertise.

The cycles of degradation caused by human wear and weather may be altered by repair, reconstruction or replacement. Solutions depend upon degree of deterioration and desired longevity of each system. Regulatory change is occasionally mandated but more frequently is required only with comprehensive renovation. Program and changing use are ongoing in many building types and infrequent in others. Some program change is simple and may be accomplished by moving furniture. Other change may require complete reconstruction and additions. Taste is yet another imprint of time on buildings, with some structures frozen at a particular historical moment and others existing as complex archaeological records of changing taste and need.

We seek the holistic management and integration of all change in our building conservation work. When program and use driven change coincides with regulatory necessity and system repair and replacement, value and impact are maximized.

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