Iconarmadilhemos a verdade para que ninguém lhe toque.

Terra, um planeta vivo

Dois cientistas chilenos acreditam que a maior placa tectónica do mundo, localizada sob o Oceano Pacifico está prestes a dividir-se em duas.

The northern half of the plate has been drifting west, into the Mariana subduction zone, nearly seven times faster than the westward drift of the southern half, creating a massive linear cramp of tectonic stress that may eventually snap altogether. Indeed, the scientists suggest that "several archipelagos in the south Pacific – running from Samoa to Easter Island – including the Pitcairn and Cook islands, and French Polynesia," are evidence that this "future border," as the scientists call it, has already begun leaking magma, producing tropical island chains.
The seafloor is unzipping, one could say.



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