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Plástico de Plantas

"The first commercial application of the innovative Plantic® technology is in packaging and display trays. Plantic® trays look, feel and function the same as traditional plastic trays except that Plantic trays are made from renewable resources, are compostable and, most interestingly, dissolve when in water.

The production facility in Melbourne, Australia produces flat sheet roll stock in a range of standard colours and gauges for use by industry. The standard colour range is natural, white, brown, black and gold and it can be produced to tailor individual requirements.

Plantic® finished products are priced competitively with plastic trays made from petrochemical plastics. Plantic trays are not subject to the dramatic price variations petrochemical products are exposed to.

Plantic is suitable for dry foods packaging such as biscuit and confectionary trays, blister packaging, and trays for electronic components."

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